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Around the Corner In Odyssey

Friday, December 24, 2010  | 

Just found this blog.  Don't know if you guys have seen it yet or not, they haven't posted in a while, so I'm not sure if it's updated, but here it is.

My Other Websites

Brittini requested a while back, that I give her the names of my other websites.  Here are most of them.  (A lot of my websites I never finished or I didn't update them very much.  But I hope you guys like these.)

Lost Blogs

Tuesday, December 21, 2010  | 

It seems that while more Odyssey blogs have been popping up, some other blogs have been disappearing.  "Living in Odyssey," and the "Odyssey Tattler" seem to be gone from Blogger completely.  When I click on the links from my blog list, these pages show up:

I think they should still stay on the web, even if they aren't updated anymore.  What's going on?  Are these blogs gone forever?


Monday, December 20, 2010  | 

The new covers for the rest of the Passages books are out.  Here they are:

Fendar's Legacy

Draven's Defiance

I received an email from Brock Eastman today.  It had a lot of exciting news.  Here's some of the stuff he said:
  • They're gonna tell us how to get #53 absolutely free!
  • Volume 54?
  • Two collections in 2011?
  • What they are doing for the 25th anniversary?
  • Lots of repacks and cover artwork.  A new omni book for 8-12 year olds?
  • Also he said if you'd like to see a new book in the Passages series, then get fans to buy the existing books, and to write them and tell them that you'd like to see this addition the AIO series.  I'd encourage you all to do this!
Pretty cool!  Can't wait for updates on this stuff.

Odyssey 105

Saturday, December 18, 2010  | 

We've added a new page called "Odyssey 105" where you can now access the music page and a new episode and podcast page.  Keep watching as we add banned episodes and new music.  Visit the page now from our page list.

New Blogs!

Add a Comment  | 
The Odyssey Fan's Blog: I think this one was just started this month.  It's nicely designed and it has a section called "Kid's Radio" where you can listen to free episodes.

The Odyssey Vision:  Started by Tim who frequents the Odyssey Scoop.  Has news and reviews.  Hmmm...That rhymes. :)

Ask Luke #2

Thanks everybody for the q's (Including Brittney's who I answered in the last post.)  We'll start with Marvin's:
1. How far would music go to become "devil music" in your opinion?  We don't listen to some of the stuff that even like the Gaither Vocal Band sings.  I don't think it's bad for other people to, but my dad doesn't like it personally.  We don't like rock, hip-hop, country, heavy metal, CCM, ect.  2.  What Bible translation do you prefer?  KJV mostly, but I don't think it's wrong to use other translations.  We have several.  3. Which Odyssey character would be the absolute worst to lose from the show?  That's kind of a hard question to answer.  Connie, Wooton, or Eugene.  4.  Which character, of all the ones that have been dropped so far, was the worst to lose?  Whit, when he was played by Paul Herlinger, or the Washingtons. 5.  What Odyssey album is your favorite?  I really couldn't say.  My favorite periods are the early albums (#2-#25) and #35-#46. 

Now to Jessa's:
1.  How long have you been listening to AIO? Most of my life.  2.   How many albums do you have?  I'm only missing like three of the audio series albums, and most of the special albums (like "For God and Country")  I don't have.  3. Have you listened to all of the episodes?  Most of them.  (I haven't heard all of the banned or Odyssey USA episodes.)

If you have more questions, just let me know.  


"Ask Luke" (OK, I know it's a corny title)

Monday, December 13, 2010  | 

OK, Brittney, here's the answers to your questions.  1.  A couple years ago at Youth Camp.  2. Once in a while (for a youth service or something) I play the piano.  I also report the attendance. 3. Not officially. :)  There was once a girl who I liked and we hung out.  4. Ben - 12, Ethan - 9, Evan - 6, Adam - 5, Caleb - 2, Levi - Several months.

If anybody has any questions just leave them in the comments.

New Music Coming Soon!

Thursday, December 9, 2010  | 

From the Thankstaking episode.  Be watching our music page.

The Jurassic Aliens Are Attacking!

Sunday, December 5, 2010  | 

I was looking forward to hearing this episode.  It sounded like it would be pretty interesting.  But when I heard it, I was disappointed.

The whole Parker family was pretty obnoxious, with maybe the exception of Matthew.  Camilla didn’t seem to know a thing, Olivia was her usual annoying self, Matthew didn’t want to work and came up with a ridiculous way to clean the dishes, David was portrayed to look like a dummy, and Eva was…well Eva.  I don’t have much to say about her, actually.

I’m not sure why all the kids in Odyssey feel the need to disclose all their personal life to Mr. Whittaker.  I would be pretty embarrassed, if I walked up to a man I knew and said, “Yeah the other night we got grounded because we watched a bad movie, and disobeyed our parents, and lied to our babysitter, and let this huge dog into the house and let him trash the place.”  You shouldn‘t tell people things like that.  It just makes them think that you’re bad kids and that you need a spanking.

The kids were very…bad.  I mean come on, a banana fight!  I am so sure.  Letting the dog lick out the pots and pans!  That is so exaggerated.  Think about it, do you know any kids who would waste perfectly good bananas…in a food fight…in the kitchen…with the baby-sitter right upstairs?  The writer was trying to hard to come up with a way to make the kids be irresponsible.  Now I might see a kid watching a bad movie, like Camilla did, but all the other things were sooo unrealistic.

I would like to point out something about the movies while we’re on the subject.  Have you ever noticed that in Odyssey, the “bad” movies are always about something slimy, or maybe they’re about aliens.  (For example in “All the Difference in the World” Danny watched “Slime Creatures from Sludge City.”)  I just think those are lame titles.  I think they should come up with better names.  For example in the comic books Calvin and Hobbes, when Calvin wants to watch a bad movie, or when he reads a scary book, the titles are something like “Cuisinart Murderer of Central High,” or “The Monster That Waits In Your Backyard to Dismember You.”  (Some other books that Calvin reads are named “Hamster Huey and the Gooey Kablooie” and “Commander Coriander Salamander and’er Underhander Bellylander.”  (I thought that was humorous.)  I’ll get back on subject now, though.  That was just a thought.

Here’s a few other things I noticed:  For one, when the dog got into the house, it got very loud.  I noticed this in A Christmas Carol, too, when there was a thunderclap.  It scared me half to death.  Focus really needs to level their sound some way.  Also this episode reminded me of “Grandma’s Visit” in that all the Parker kids told Whit the story after it happened.  The last thing I’ll point out is that the end was kind of weird when we found out that the nanny wasn’t really English, but was actually an actor.

There was one, maybe two scenes, that made me laugh.  This was one of the worst episodes in #52 (along with “Opposite Day,” “Wooton’s Broken Pencil Show,” and probably “A Thankstaking Story.”  I haven’t listened to all of this story yet.)  My rating would have to be one out of five stars.

Rue the Day! Part 2

Despite my thoughts before I listened to this episode I actually enjoyed it.  I was checking my Facebook and stuff while I listened to it, but I managed to take some notes off it.  I’ll go back later and pay more attention to the stories within the episode.

This episode had some great humor.  In the beginning of the episode I was like, “Oh brother,” at some of the stuff they said.  Like when Wooton was talking about the “concussion game.”  But I did enjoy the rest, like when Jay started his “Rue the day!” lines again, and when Connie told the mayor she wanted to watch the parade on TV.

The acting was pretty good too (with the exception of Whit maybe)  I loved Jay’s Uncle’s bad guy voice.  I loved the mayors voice too.  I didn’t really care for Connie’s voice but I never like her when she sounds like that.

My favorite song on here was probably the one that stated “We are the bad guys.”  The rest of the music was pretty good.  One of them sounded too honky-tonk or something.  One of the other Blogger’s mentioned Connie’s ringtone and said something along the line that Focus would probably get complaints for playing the “devil’s” rock music.  Though I am against the “devil’s” rock music, I didn’t think that the ringtone was out of hand.  It was a common-sounding cell phone ringtone and I certainly wouldn’t complain about it.

One other note was the spoof’s they did.  I’d have to go through and listen again but the one’s I can remember are the Dr. Seuss spoof and possibly one about Mr. Magoo and the Grinch.  Also Peachey Keen pointed out that they had one about the Great Pumpkin (Bumpkin) on Charlie Brown.

I’d give this episode 3½ stars.  Great humor, good story, awesome voices, cool songs.
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