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New Art + FAQ Updated

Saturday, July 31, 2010  | 

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 The Odyssey Scoop has updated their FAQ section, so go over and check it out.  If you have a question about Odyssey you can also submit it to Jacob Isom, there on the site.

Peachey Keen released his new logo.  It looks very good.

One more thing.  The picture for the back of the Lost Episodes is now out.

We may have some surprises here on the blog, before too much longer, so keep watching.

New Podcast

Thursday, July 29, 2010  | 

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Hello everyone.  Here's a quick update.  I'm sure most of you know that the 100th Official Podcast is out.  I haven't listened to it yet.  Probably later today.  Also I noticed that Austin and Natasha Peachey, The Odyssey Scoop, and Sarah were the only podcasters to send an audio message.  Oh well.  One more thing.  We now have a glimpse of the back of #52.

Listen to the latest official podcasts at

My Thoughts on...

Thursday, July 22, 2010  | 

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The Lost Episodes
It's kind of cool looking, but the blue and green colors don't really match.  What would be cool is if they would draw a new picture to put on the front.
Cause and Effect
I guess it looks okay, but it sure is different.  The picture is cool.  I like the Whit PIC.  He looks more cartoony or something than usual. 

Meanwhile I have a new blog out.  This will probably take the place of my personal blog.  I'll try to post on it soon.

LCD Fansite, Contest, and Podcasts

Thursday, July 15, 2010  | 

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Several bits of AIO news has surfaced lately.  There's a new LCD Fan Site out by Peachey Keen.

There was a new Official Podcast released yesterday interviewing Hope Levy. (Voice of Olivia Parker)  And speaking of podcasts, the Ceiling Fan Podcast released a new one continuing the road trip to find Odyssey. 

And the Odyssey Scoop has a contest where you can win a copy of the Novacom Saga.

My Cover Art for the Green Ring Conspiracy

Thursday, July 8, 2010  | 

Here is the picture I made for the "Green Ring Conspiracy."  Hope you enjoy it and the fake summary.  :)

"There's something strange going on in Odyssey.  A character from the Parkers favorite movie shows up in their back yard!  And it keeps mumbling something about green rings!  Meanwhile things are heating up as the election for mayor fast approaches.  But the race holds some very unlikely candidates including a powerful figure from the White House! 

It's up to Whit, Connie, Eugene, and Wooton to figure out what's going on...That is until Whit disappears, Eugene is arrested, and Wooton is kidnapped by...Beth the Barbarian?! 

Now Connie joins up with Bart Rathbone and Harlow Doyle to find her missing friends in a deadly race against time.  With lessons in revenge, greed, and deception, this album is sure to be remembered for a long time."

Odyssey News Bits

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Hello everyone!  In Odyssey Blogger news, Peachey Keen is celebrating the 2nd anniversary for his AIO Blog.  He has his 10th podcast out where he and his sister talk about the history of the blog, do a skit, and'll just  have to listen to find out! 

Meanwhile Christian (Voice of Odyssey) won't be back until the new season begins airing.  :(  (He won't explain why.)

Win $50 ToO Bucks!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010  | 

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Hello everybody!  If you submit an endorsement for this blog you'll be entered into a contest to win $50 ToO Bucks.  Just leave your endorsement in the comments box below (along with your ToO user name please), or email today. 

New Mayor in Odyssey!

Well it looks like we have a new mayor in Odyssey!  Good riddance to Margaret Faye.  (In my opinion, she was a politically correct, obnoxious, feminist.  But she did add to the show, so I have mixed feelings about her leaving)  The new mayor is a man named Spencer Hicks.  He will be voiced by Dave Fennoy who acted in Passages: Darien's Rise, and Sir Malcolm and the Missing Prince.  You can see his picture to the right.

Now for those of you who didn't see Jacob Isom's June 25th post, here's the picture with the summary:

Due to the popularity of the Adventures in Odyssey franchise in recent years, a special spinoff AIO series has been announced. Set in the familiarity of the town of Odyssey, this post-AIO series will feature the same four core characters fans have come to know and love, with a new host of characters, comedy, and never ending situations. The first collection is called Time for a Change. Here's a sneak peek into the new series geared for the next generation of listeners:

"Change may be too hard to handle for Whit, Connie, Eugene, and Wooton as many of their friends, relatives, and acquaintances seem to have vanished from town--overnight, no less! With Odyssey's windows getting dirtier, a vacant apple orchard on the outskirts of town, a new town bully who uses mental bullying tactics, and culturally-diverse families frequenting Whit's End, adventures are in store for new relationships and morally-challenging situations. Whit's new invention inspires him to overcome his weight problem, and Connie discovers she has what it takes to modernize her wardrobe. Meanwhile, Eugene's world is opening up to new possibilities when his vision returns after he gets a dashing new haircut. Plus, Wooton's idea of "fun" doesn't bode well with the new mayor, and he may be forced to say goodbye to his cherished slide. Follow along with Odyssey's personalities in a new series of adventures--containing lessons in patience, acceptance, and embracing change."

Click here to see a larger view of the cover art. And, by the way, this album is in no way associated with Focus on the Family. There are no plans to release this album in the future and the above blog post is merely a work of fiction…

Very Interesting post and professional looking PIC.  Great job Jacob!

Funny Picture

Thursday, July 1, 2010  | 

Hello everyone.  I just found the picture that Jacob Isom took down from his June 25th post.  I love it!  Someone made this picture, poking fun at all the changes going on in AIO.

This is in no way affiliated with Focus on the Family or Adventures in Odyssey!

Official Podcast Tells All!

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Greetings and Felicitations!  I'm back from camp!  I'll try to upload some pictures as soon as soon as they're available.

It looks like theirs been a lot of Odyssey news in the last few days.  For one thing, we now know what the title for #53 will be.  It's the "Green Ring Conspiracy."  Sounds...mysterious!  It will be another mystery album, like the Novacom Saga.  Personally, I am really excited to hear it.  Another bit of news is, wonder of wonders, Connie Kendall goes to college!  Well it's about time!  Everything is changing a lot in the world of Odyssey.  I'm wondering if she'll stop working at Whits End and possibly move away from Odyssey.  What do you think?  Please comment below with your thoughts.  (By the way, this information was released on the 98th edition of the Official Podcast)

Another bit of older news that was released on Wednesday is that Odyssey now has a slogan.  The slogan says: "IMAGINE  DISCOVER GROW."  Also Ethan Daniels interviewed Bob Smithouser on the Ceiling Fan Podcast.

That's all for today, except to say that there may be some changes around the blog pretty soon.  And if you need to contact me just email:
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