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The Doppleganger

Thursday, April 21, 2011  | 

The Doppleganger Chronicles: The Secret of Indigo Moon

Sadly, this graphic novel turned out to be like most of it's compatriots.  The comic book genre is filled with weak storys, bad characters, and even worse "humor."  This book, as I already implied, was of such quality.

The main characters (which I suppose would be two girls named Sadie and Saskia and a boy named Erik Morrisey) were mainly obnoxious (especially the females).   Speaking on the story part I would have to say, that it was just stupid.  "Three kids run away from their school, to track down people and criminals thinking that their head mistress was a criminal herself.  They get kidnapped multiple times, and put on unrealistic inventions, that will take them (or in one case) hurl them to their death.  Then, of course, they somehow, manage to get off the object of torture and escape their captors."

This is not a book you will want to waste your money on (even if you usually do spend your money on juvenile graphic novels), but of course I didn't know that.  Fortunately, I didn't spend any money on the book, but obtained it as a free review copy from, where you can go to sign up to get free products to review.  (Don't worry, everything else I've gotten from them I enjoyed much more, such as Odyssey #52 and a Jerry B. Jenkins book)

Anyway, great art (wish they had the art the whole way through.  That would have boosted my rating a bit), stupid story, undesirable characters, and such nonsense.  1/5 star (assuming that "1" is the lowest rating I can give)

"Schmoozing Elegantly"

Monday, April 18, 2011  | 

Greetings and Felicitations, my moniker (to borrow the dated vernacular) is Eugenius Meltsner.  My profession is an engineer at a popular ninety-nine shop, and the originator of the charitable non-profit "Mono Sarsum."  My leisure pursuits include the following: schmoozing elegantly, the study of cybernetics, and a variety of other interests.  I am a scholar at what we pupil's like to call the "four C's," that is the Campbell County Community College.  In fact, numerous diurnal's ago, I heard a story of a learned professor who was working near twilight, or so, when some very naughty youth's determined to carry out a very callous lark on this gentleman, when...loudly exclaimer euphenisms escape me!!  It is ten past the o'clock!  My spouse will be quite peeved (to borrow the colloqlialism)  I will have to relate this tale to you at some later period.  But let me tell you, the periodic table of the elements genuinely abetted the professor that night!  Bon voyage, or as some English populace that I am aquainted with like to voice "Cheerio!"

I was feeling in a "Eugene" mood.  25 ToO dollars to anyone who can tell me what he's saying without using a dictionary. :D


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Wow, we got some new cover art that's quite...interesting.

It's quite cool!  Dr. Blackguard looks a bit fake or something.  It looks kind of like fan art.  Hmmm...I think it's cool, and it looks like we'll have some video here too.

Also, the final art for #54 has been released.  You can see that below.  That one's really neat too.  I like the red border.

EDITED: The Green Ring Conspiracy- REVIEW

Thursday, April 7, 2011  | 

I got a copy of the Green Ring Conspiracy for my birthday.  I've heard the whole thing, and I love it!  First, I'll say that Jay, is now one of my favorite characters!  He is hilarious!  Buck Oliver was OK, I really liked Mr. Skint (until the end where he be...well, I'll let you hear it for yourself)  Great storyline, awesome characters (ooh, I forgot to mention Monty, yeah, he's cool.)  And I'm glad that they brought back Katrina, Monty, and, *someone else*.  I love hearing from old characters.  It makes it seem more like the old Odyssey or something.  I still don't like Whit as much, but I think I'm getting used to him.

And...I mean someone's back.  I don't know if you'd appreciate me telling you who, so I won't say.  I can't believe who he turned out to be!  Wow, I didn't think of this before, but we had a place crash and a...well...another kind of crash. :)

Seriously though, I loved it.  Five stars for this album.  What are your thoughts?
EDIT: Sorry if I spoiled it for anyone by the spoilers I had before. :(

Happy Birthday To Me!

Friday, April 1, 2011  | 


Yes, this is no joke, my b-day is April 1.  :) 

Anyway, I know you've all seen the new album cover, but I thought I'd give my thoughts:  Really cool.  I'm assuming that's Jay.  He looks like Rusty Gordon (at least how I think of Rusty)  And Priscilla?  Hmmm...Interesting.  The border looks kind of neat, although It's not final.  What do you think? 

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