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Rue the Day! Part 2

Sunday, December 5, 2010  | 

Despite my thoughts before I listened to this episode I actually enjoyed it.  I was checking my Facebook and stuff while I listened to it, but I managed to take some notes off it.  I’ll go back later and pay more attention to the stories within the episode.

This episode had some great humor.  In the beginning of the episode I was like, “Oh brother,” at some of the stuff they said.  Like when Wooton was talking about the “concussion game.”  But I did enjoy the rest, like when Jay started his “Rue the day!” lines again, and when Connie told the mayor she wanted to watch the parade on TV.

The acting was pretty good too (with the exception of Whit maybe)  I loved Jay’s Uncle’s bad guy voice.  I loved the mayors voice too.  I didn’t really care for Connie’s voice but I never like her when she sounds like that.

My favorite song on here was probably the one that stated “We are the bad guys.”  The rest of the music was pretty good.  One of them sounded too honky-tonk or something.  One of the other Blogger’s mentioned Connie’s ringtone and said something along the line that Focus would probably get complaints for playing the “devil’s” rock music.  Though I am against the “devil’s” rock music, I didn’t think that the ringtone was out of hand.  It was a common-sounding cell phone ringtone and I certainly wouldn’t complain about it.

One other note was the spoof’s they did.  I’d have to go through and listen again but the one’s I can remember are the Dr. Seuss spoof and possibly one about Mr. Magoo and the Grinch.  Also Peachey Keen pointed out that they had one about the Great Pumpkin (Bumpkin) on Charlie Brown.

I’d give this episode 3½ stars.  Great humor, good story, awesome voices, cool songs.


Brittini ( December 5, 2010 at 12:15 PM )  

I really likeed this episode it was pretty cool can't wait to listen 2 Album 53!!!!

Luke ( December 5, 2010 at 12:45 PM )  

Yeah me too! I'm gonna try to post the sings from this ep. soon.

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