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My Cover for #54!

Thursday, November 11, 2010  | 

Whit has decided that working at Whit’s End is too tiring.  So he decides to take a break and become…a mailman!  So he asks Bob (from the Official Podcast) and Connie Kendall to take over.  But when they agreed to take over they never realized that their ideas for managing the shop would differ so greatly.  Bob wants to put in a superhero exhibit, and Connie wants to do a princess theme.  And when they try to find Whit to help them work out their differences, he’s nowhere to be found.  When things start to get out of hand, will the kids at Whit’s End be able to locate Whit before it’s too late?  Featuring themes in getting along and freedom of speech.  Includes a behind-the-scenes look in the studio and a special song by Eugene entitled “Why Can’t All God’s Children Get Along” a knock-off of the real song of the same title.  Stories include:
  1. Bob Comes to Town
  2. Goodbye Mr. Whittaker
  3. All the Difference in the World (Revisited)
  4. Gone With the Wind
  5. The Big Blowup
  6. Find Mr. Whittaker!
  7. Situation Resolved
  8. It’s My Choice!
  9. Wonderworld (Revisited)
  10. Gangbusters
  11. The Underworld Part 1
  12. The Underworld Part 2
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