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My Cover Art for the Green Ring Conspiracy

Thursday, July 8, 2010  | 

Here is the picture I made for the "Green Ring Conspiracy."  Hope you enjoy it and the fake summary.  :)

"There's something strange going on in Odyssey.  A character from the Parkers favorite movie shows up in their back yard!  And it keeps mumbling something about green rings!  Meanwhile things are heating up as the election for mayor fast approaches.  But the race holds some very unlikely candidates including a powerful figure from the White House! 

It's up to Whit, Connie, Eugene, and Wooton to figure out what's going on...That is until Whit disappears, Eugene is arrested, and Wooton is kidnapped by...Beth the Barbarian?! 

Now Connie joins up with Bart Rathbone and Harlow Doyle to find her missing friends in a deadly race against time.  With lessons in revenge, greed, and deception, this album is sure to be remembered for a long time."

Odyssey News Bits

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Hello everyone!  In Odyssey Blogger news, Peachey Keen is celebrating the 2nd anniversary for his AIO Blog.  He has his 10th podcast out where he and his sister talk about the history of the blog, do a skit, and'll just  have to listen to find out! 

Meanwhile Christian (Voice of Odyssey) won't be back until the new season begins airing.  :(  (He won't explain why.)
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