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Is Focus Being "Mean?"

Thursday, October 14, 2010  | 

Over at FAIO, there is a bunch of people commenting on Focus being "mean" and "wanting money."  I don't think that's it at all though.  Focus has to have money to make Odyssey, and they get money by people buying their albums.  If everybody just listens for free, then Focus can't continue it's ministry.

And FAIO has a LOT of listeners.  If you read their October 8th post, you'll see that they have 1000 new visitors each month!  (At least that's what the post says.)  There are over 6000 users!  That's over $150,000 dollars that Focus is losing if all these people listen at the site instead of buying the album!

One of the users said the following "...fotf just wants money? they aren't just christians wanting other people to be christians..."  Another user said this: "Honestly, what is more important to FOTF, to have kids (and adults too!) able to listen to a wonderful show that teaches lessons about the bible, or money..."  

A lot of people want the webmaster of FAIO to "fight" FOTF and try to keep the episodes.  But Focus isn't just interested in making money, and they aren't being mean.  They're just trying to make wholesome, quality entertainment for families to listen.  And I for one would rather listen to buy new episodes (and listen to them on the radio) than have access to old ones for free, and have Focus stop making episodes.  I appreciate the comments of Emily and himi34.

Please tell me what you think in the comments.  I'm very interested to know what the rest of the blogger's think on this subject.

Picture of #53!

I was on the AIO Wiki today, when I found this bit of news. 

"...You can find full details of how to submit an endorsement here. While you're there look extra close at the image and you may see something, something from the future..."

Here is the image, that is probably for #53 Green Ring Conspiracy

I assume that is Whit, Matthew, and maybe Connie.  But is that a Ferris Wheel in the distance?  It appears that they're looking at a helmet maybe.
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