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EDITED: The Green Ring Conspiracy- REVIEW

Thursday, April 7, 2011  | 

I got a copy of the Green Ring Conspiracy for my birthday.  I've heard the whole thing, and I love it!  First, I'll say that Jay, is now one of my favorite characters!  He is hilarious!  Buck Oliver was OK, I really liked Mr. Skint (until the end where he be...well, I'll let you hear it for yourself)  Great storyline, awesome characters (ooh, I forgot to mention Monty, yeah, he's cool.)  And I'm glad that they brought back Katrina, Monty, and, *someone else*.  I love hearing from old characters.  It makes it seem more like the old Odyssey or something.  I still don't like Whit as much, but I think I'm getting used to him.

And...I mean someone's back.  I don't know if you'd appreciate me telling you who, so I won't say.  I can't believe who he turned out to be!  Wow, I didn't think of this before, but we had a place crash and a...well...another kind of crash. :)

Seriously though, I loved it.  Five stars for this album.  What are your thoughts?
EDIT: Sorry if I spoiled it for anyone by the spoilers I had before. :(
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