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"Guess That Album" Contest

Monday, May 31, 2010  | 

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The Odyssey Blog has a new contest where you can win up to 50 ToO dollars!  Note:  You must have a ToO account to enter.  

1. Look at the distorted pictures of the AIO albums.

2. Send me a private message on The Town of Odyssey,telling me what you think these albums are.Make sure you send me a PM. Do not post your answer here.

3. If you guess one album correctly, then you'll get 20 ToO dollars.

If you get both of them right, you'll get 50 ToO dollars.

To learn more visit the todays post.

Review With Nathan Hoobler and More

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There's a new review out with Nathan Hoobler, webmaster of

Nathan Hoobler, writer/director for Adventures in Odyssey, recently appeared on the first "Next-Generation Focus" webcast at Boundless to discuss Radio Theatre and Adventures in Odyssey. He talks about The Screwtape Letters' recent nomination for the Audie Awards and future Radio Theatre ideas. Then, go behind the scenes as he discusses how he became involved with Adventures in Odyssey. Plus, learn more about the Odyssey team's approach to album 51, Take It from the Top, and some of the sound design aspects of the show.

You can hear the podcast here.

In other news Jacob Isom has his 4th scoopcast out.  You can listen to that here after you subscribe.

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