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When You're Right, You're Right Review

Wednesday, April 21, 2010  | 

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Here's my review for "When You're Right, You're Right"
  • I enjoyed Barrett much better here than on Game for a Mystery.
  • Matthew sounded more mature on here than he was in The Inspiration Station.
  • Barrett was more mature too.
  • I enjoyed Emily's Dad on here maybe more than in Clutter.
  • I like Matthew's "It sounded good in theory" thing.  He will say this again in Target of the Week.  (Has that episode aired yet?)
  • I like hearing about Matthew's technical knowledge.
  • Emily's birthday card was really weird.
  • I have mixed feelings about Jay Smouse in this episode.
I'll give this episode 41/2 stars

"Act Like Odyssey" Contest Winner

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Greetings from IHC Convention in Dayton Ohio!  This is a fun place to go every year.  Everytime you turn around your bumping into someone you know.

In Odyssey news the winner to the "Act Like Odyssey" contest is on  The winner is: (Highlight)  Broken Window!  Congratulations to the winners!
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