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New Podcasts, Dave's AIO Blog, and More!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010  | 

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There's a lot of news that has sprung up over the past couple of days.  It appears that their is a new blog up.  (At least I've never seen it before)  It's called Dave's AIO Blog.  The Whitsend Podcast has been busy working on a new podcast.  The Odyssey Scoop has released a new podcast with an interview of Nathan Jones and Christopher Diehl.  And speaking of podcasts, the AIO Blog has released their's.  And they have a new guest host!  But you'll have to listen to see who it is.

By the way, here's some art that Original Joe, of the Odyssey Way, made.

The Odyssey Times - Redesigned!

Saturday, September 25, 2010  | 

Hello, once again.  It looks like I have found the template I like.  So you are looking at the revamped version of the Odyssey Times!  I'm still working on the logo, to try to move it down a little bit.  Be sure to vote in the poll, and tell us what you think.

By the way, we're adding a few more Odyssey songs, today on our Music page, so don't forget to stop by there.

New Blog Look!

Friday, September 24, 2010  | 

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Hello everyone.  I'm sure you all noticed that we have a new template!  We've had the old one since, I think, the beginning of the blog.  I am still in the process of searching for a template that I absolutely love, but this is the blog's new temporary template until I find that one.

In Odyssey news, the summaries are out for the first two Imagination Station books. You can see them here.  Also Peachey Keen has announced the winner of his contest.  And the winner   #52 is almost here!  I can't wait to hear the new episodes!

New "Passages" Cover Art

Tuesday, September 21, 2010  | 

Here's the cover art for "Glennall's Betrayal."  It looks very nice.  This is probably my favorite new Passages repackage.

100th Post!

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Hello everybody.  We have finally made it to our 100th post!  I'm going to try to change the blog template, possibly, soon.  So be watching!

In Odyssey news, Audrey (writer of AIO Insanity) is going to quit writing for the blog, and start another blog, from the perspective of an Odyssey character.  So go over and vote for which character you'd like to see.  In other news Odyssey has some AWESOME new covers.  (You can look at them below.)  And lastly Peachey Keen is having his contest for new cover art for his blog. 

99th Post! (Here's Some Wallpaper)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010  | 

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Hello everyone.   I don't have much to talk about today.  The Odyssey Scoop has a  new ScoopCast with an interview on their blog.  The Changing Times did a review of #51.  Here's some wallpaper that you can download to your computer.


Saturday, September 11, 2010  | 

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Hello everyone.  This is our 98th post!  The past couple of weeks have been pretty busy.  Last Thursday, I got a new baby brother. (Levi)  And now we are doing a revival near a town called Corydon.

In Odyssey news, the AIO Wiki is having a contest whee you can win #52 or the Novacom Saga.  The AIO Blog has extended the date for their contest, so make sure to enter.  Also the AIO Blog has made some new wallpaper that you can download.  And the new cover for Passages: Annison's Risk is out.  It's pretty cool, except for the girls' hair looks ugly.
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