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Target of the Week Review

Thursday, May 13, 2010  | 

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I really liked this episode of #51:
  • I liked the new characters, especially Vance King
  • I liked also the "Tell him what he won, Jay!" thing.
  • Matthew said that Eugene must have culcers of germs lying around.  That sounds like something Eugene would have.
  • Some of the jokes that were pulled on Matthew were kind of funny.  Hmmm... I have five brothers...
  • Wooton's back!  I love Wooton and his scenes in here were funny.
Five stars for this episode

Thoughts on the New Podcast

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Yesterday Focus released a new video podcast showing us how to make a Wod-Fam-Choc-Sod.  Here's some thoughts on the video:
  • The Odyssey aprons were so cool!
  • I want to make a soda just to get the button.
  • I think the soda would be better, however, if it was strawberry or vanilla.  (No, I don't like chocolate ice cream.  Yes, you probably think I'm crazy.)
  • The beginning of the podcast was kind of weird/cool.  The whole fairy tale thing.
If you haven't watched the podcast click here.
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