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#52 Cause and Effect

Monday, November 1, 2010  | 

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I’ve finally received # 52 Cause and Effect.  I couldn’t wait to receive this album, and once I received it, I found that it was pretty good.  (Probably better than #51 Take it From the Top.)
      This album brought about some changes to Odyssey.  One major complaint was that Barrett Jone’s voice changed.  I hated this part.  Just when he was sounding more mature, his voice changed, and he acted like a total idiot.
      Another surprise was that the album brought back Priscilla Peterson, who I thought wouldn’t be a permanent character.  It seems that she will be in AIO a lot from now on, which I don‘t really mind.
      It seems that Focus on the Family is trying to return to their roots.  Some of the episodes in this album seemed that AIO was trying to make the series more like it used to be.  (For example “Fast As I Can”  The only new character was Matthew Parker.  And it just had more of that Odyssey feel.)
      I’ll give this episode a 31/2 out of 5 star rating.  My favorite episodes were, “Stage Fright,” “Fast As I Can,” and “The Owl-napper.”  (I haven’t fully listened to “A Thankstaking Story,” but I think it will be pretty dumb.)
      I would like to thank Tyndale for providing me with a free copy of #52 Cause and Effect to review for the blog network.  You can buy the album from or


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