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Opposite Day

Sunday, November 7, 2010  | 

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In my opinion, “Opposite Day” was one of the worst episodes in #52 Cause and Effect, for several reasons. For one, Barrett’s voice changed. This was one of the worst things, I think, in the new AIO season. I know that other actors voices have changed, but I didn’t really care, probably because when they did change, I didn’t listen to Odyssey very much. For example, when I heard the episode’s where Jimmy Barclay’s voice changed, there were many other new Odyssey stories out, and I was used to his voice. But now that I listen to Odyssey a lot, and I remember when Barrett first came on the scene, I really dislike the change. When Barrett appeared in “Game For a Mystery,” he was really annoying. But then his voice seemed to get less squeaky, and he seemed to mature (in “When You’re Right, You’re Right” and “Stage Fright”). And when I listened to “Opposite Day,” two things contributed to him sounding foolish again. As I said, his voice changed, but he also was logged onto, or talking about Club KidChat for the entire episode. (This was very similar to his first episode where he was addicted to his video game.) I don’t think I will ever like his voice change, and I guess I’ll have to be satisfied with the two episodes where he really did a pretty good job.

Another thing that I didn’t like about this episode was the characters that played a major role. Besides Barrett, there was Olivia (who I can’t stand), and a new character named Amber - a geeky, obnoxious girl, who likes computers, rocks, and bugs. We’ll start off with Amber. I’ll just say, right now, that if she is going to be a recurring character, I’ll scream. I don’t generally like geeky boy characters (such as Isaac Morton), but having a geeky girl character somehow seemed to make the whole thing worse. And when AIO combined her personality and voice, with Barrett and Olivia’s personality and voice, they just ruined the episode.

I will point out that this episode can be a good reminder to people, since everybody is on Facebook, today, updated their status, and adding and chatting with their “friends.” It is a good reminder to stay focused on our real relationships, with our real friends. Still it was a bit unrealistic, because most people’s Facebook “friends” are their friends in real life. All of my Facebook friends are people I’ve met before. But that doesn’t mean that meeting people on the internet is bad. One of my best friends is one that I met on the internet, by means of our AIO sites and email.

I guess I’ll wrap up this review by saying that this was one of my least favorite AIO episodes, and that I’d give it the lowest rating possible. It was unrealistic, it’s characters were annoying, and I only laughed at one scene. I’ll give this episode a 1 out of 5 star rating. (Assuming that 1 star is the absolute lowest rating possible.)
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