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I Am Really a Broadway Actor! Mwu-Ha-Ha-Ha!

Monday, October 25, 2010  | 

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Here's my review for "Stage Fright."

Things I Liked:

  • I LOVED Mr. Stolfitz’s voice.  It was awesome!  (Until the end, when his voice changed and sounded more like Captain Absolutely)
  • I’m glad Priscilla is back.  (Her voice sounds familiar, but I can’t think of who it sounds like.  Maybe someone from youth camp.)
  • There were a few parts in this episode that were funny, and made me laugh, such as the Ichabod Crane part.
  • Jay’s first part in the episode was pretty funny.  He sounded very villain-like.
  • Barrett has really matured since his first episode, “Game For a Mystery.”  His voice isn’t as squeaky and whiny.  (His voice sounds kind of like Matthew’s, while Emily’s voice sounds like Priscilla’s.)
  • It was dumb that Emily was the only brave person in the episode, however, I didn’t mind her as much in this episode.  She, also in part of the episode, reminded me of a girl I know, named Angela.  Her voice also reminded me of Julie’s voice, during a part of the episode.

Things I Disliked:

  • Everyone was scared of the “phantom” except for Emily.  I mean really, like pre-teen boys are going to let a girl do something that they won’t do.  And what about the teacher.  She should be the one calming the kids, and reassuring them that their’s no such thing as ghosts, monsters, and phantoms.


  • Isn’t it kind of weird for Matthew to be hanging out with Emily all the time?  He really needs to find some friends who are boys.
  • Barrett’s song “Twenty-two Trombones” sounded kind of like a VeggieTales song.  There was also a Thomas the Train Engine accent to Barrett’s voice during part of this song.
  • I wondered, while listening to this episode, how Emily knew Jay’s number.  It’s just kind of weird for her to have the phone number of one of the school bully’s.
  • I noticed that, instead of saying Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Jay said Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hydelberg.  I thought of the VeggieTales video, the knock-off of Dr. Jekyll, named something like Mr. Jekyll and Dr. Who.
  • I also noticed that nobody could say Stolfitz’s name except for Jay.
  • It was kind of weird when Matthew said that a certain pet shop was a good place because they sold hamsters.  Hamsters make a good pet shop?  Maybe it was the same place where Connie’s room-mate got her beta fish, kerplunk. J (Best of Enemies)

I’ll give this episode 3 of 5 stars.


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