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The Inspiration Station Part 1: The Review

Monday, March 8, 2010  | 

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Finally!  Odyssey is releasing new episodes to play over the internet and the radio.  It's so exciting!  Anyway, here's my review of the Inspiration Station.
The biggest thing that I didn't like is that Andre Stojka is playing Whit.  Andre's voice sounds way different than Paul Herlinger.

Also something kind of confused me.  Connie told Whit that she had talked to his friend.  However she didn't explain anything else about this remark.  What's up?  We'll probably find out in part 2. 

The episode seemed to explode with newer electronics.  The computers and phones in older episode made funny noises and sounded very un-computer-ish.  Sarah at the Unofficial Odyssey Podcast noticed this too.  "It is definitely weird," she said, "hearing stuff about all these electronic devices...BAM! you have headphones, cell phones, DVR, GPS, laptop, dvds..."

She also noticed a goof alert that the Odyssey team made.  After the computers and displays all malfunctioned, Whit said that he had never seen anything like that happen before.  But he had.  When Dr. Blackgaard and Richard Maxwell used Whit's modem to hack into the Applesauce program. 

Anyway, I liked most of the new characters.  Connie acted kind of mean though.  She doesn't usually do that.  Especially to Whit.  Eugene was rude to Matthew.  Even so, I can't believe what Matthew did to Whit's electronic stuff.  Hasn't he ever heard that it's rude to mess around with other peoples laptops/iPod's/phones. 

In conclusion Focus did a good job with their new episode, and I can't wait for part 2.  Plus keep watching this blog for new reviews as new episodes come out.

Read Sarah's review.


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